Holiday apartments in Marina di Campo

The beaches near the apartments

The beaches near Marina di Campo

The beaches of the Island of Elba are incredibly varied: from long beaches of fine white sand to hidden and wild coves, from white pebbles to black or red sand, from granite cliffs overlooking the sea to pine forests that stretch up above the beach. On Elba there are beaches for all tastes, with one thing in common: transparent water and wonderful backdrops.

Most of the island's beaches are partly free and partly equipped with bathing establishments. Furthermore, dogs are allowed on the beaches of the Island of Elba, except in those of the municipality of Porto Azzurro, which has dedicated an ad hoc beach to our 4-legged friends, the only "Dog Beach" on the Island and the beach of Terranera.

The beaches of fine sand or coarse granite are usually characterized by shallow waters and are the favorite of families with children. Marina di Campo, Biodola, Procchio, Fetovaia, Cavoli, Lido di Capoliveri are the best known and most popular and for this reason they are the most crowded in high season. For those who love more tranquility we recommend the less known Galenzana in Marina di Campo, Lamaia in Portoferraio, Straccoligno, Remaiolo, Buzzancone and Malpasso in Capoliveri.

The gravel and white pebble beaches are characteristic of the northern area near Portoferraio. You cannot forget the transparency of the water! They follow one after the other starting from Le Ghiaie, a 5-minute walk from the port of Portoferraio, up to the Enfola peninsula; among these the Padulella, Seccione (or Prunini), Sottobomba, Capo Bianco and the famous (and crowded) Sansone.

Lovers of unspoiled nature cannot miss the Costa del Sole, with its hidden beaches of sand mixed with gravel and pebbles, such as Chiessi, Patresi, Pomonte and Capo Sant'Andrea or the granite cliffs such as Le Calle and Le Piscine.

Finally, the east side of the island is characterized by its mining beaches, with black sand rich in hematite and red rocks, such as Terranera, Topinetti, Cala Seregola and Direttore.
Also in other parts of the island it is possible to find beaches of sand and black pebbles, really beautiful with the crystal clear sea: do not miss Norsi, Cannello, Le Francesche, Acquarilli, Punta della Contessa in Capoliveri, Le Tombe, Cala dell'Aliva and the Ogliera in Marina di Campo and finally in Marciana Punta Polveraia.

Here are the closest beaches to the apartments Gli Olmi and Marina di Campo:

One of the main reasons why tourists adore Marina di Campo is the possibility of reaching its splendid beach of fine golden sand in a few minutes on foot.
Due to the gently sloping seabed and the numerous services it offers, the Marina di Campo beach is particularly suitable for families with small children. Find out more about the beach of Marina di Campo.

In addition to the beach of Marina di Campo, in the vicinity there are numerous other beaches, more or less known:

- Galenzana, just a 15-minute walk from Marina di Campo (1.5 km), a very beautiful and uncrowded beach, as it can only be reached along a pedestrian path. In sand and small gravel, it is ideal for those seeking tranquility and for snorkelers. It remains sheltered from almost all winds and is partly equipped. Find out more about Galenzana beach

- Colle Palombaia, just 7 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (3 km); shortly before arriving in Cavoli, a path starts from the provincial road consisting of a long granite staircase that leads to the beach (for this reason also called the beach of the "Cento Scalini", meaning hundred steps). A wild paradise, ideal for those seeking tranquility even in high season. Partly equipped beach with dark sand and gravel; the seabed that immediately becomes deep and the steep cliffs make it ideal for snorkelers. Find out more about Colle Palombaia beach

- Cavoli, just 10 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (5.5 km), is one of the most famous beaches on the island; characterized by crystal clear water, grainy sand and smooth rocks on the sides, it is very popular in the summer months and also recommended in the low season, thanks to the particularly mild climate. It offers all the services and the possibility of parking nearby. Find out more about Cavoli beach

- Seccheto, just 13 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (6.5 km), as small as it is pretty, made up of grainy sand, typical of the area; also due to its small size, it is often crowded, but offers more tranquility along its smooth granite cliff. In fact, on the left you will find the "Conche", granite slabs that form comfortable loops to go down into the sea, while on the right there are the famous "Piscine", that is a series of slightly concave granite slabs that, when filled with sea water, form small "natural pools" where you can sunbathe and gradually cool off. Find out more about Seccheto beach

- Fonza, ust 15 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (6 km); although the beach is characterized by fairly large stones, in the seabed you will find the same fine sand of Marina di Campo. Snorkeling in Fonza is a real fun because there are many fish that inhabit it and that here find abundant food to feed on. Fonza is still a "wild" beach as most of Elba's beaches were fifty years ago. There is no service so it is advisable to bring everything you need to spend a day (or even just a few hours) at the beach.

- Fetovaia, just 15 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (9.5 km); one of the most famous beaches on the Island of Elba, with grainy sand, offers flat rocks on the left and a small pine forest to rest during the hottest hours. Well sheltered from the winds, it is a very hot beach, ideal in winter and in low season and very crowded in summer. Find out more about Fetovaia beach

- Le Tombe, just 18 minutes by car from Marina di Campo (10.5 km); the path to reach it is number 112, which leads to the beach in about 20 minutes. The path is under the sun and quite steep, so it is not recommended to walk it with flip-flops. The beach is gravel and not equipped. The name derives from the presence of Etruscan tombs in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Find out more about Le Tombe beach

- Pomonte, 20 minutes from Marina di Campo (13.5 km); one of the wildest places on the island, it offers three beaches, a few meters from each other; the best known is the beach of the "Relitto" (wreck) on whose seabed a few meters from the shore, it is possible to admire the wreck of a merchant ship sunk in 1972, now home to various marine species. It is possible to reach it by pedal boat or even by swimming. One of the most popular stops for divers and snorkelers, seeing the wreck is a unique experience suitable for everyone, as it is visible with the mask even while remaining on the surface. Find out more about the beaches of Pomonte


How can you be sure of finding crystal clear water? Follow the "rule" of the winds!

On the continental coast, but especially on the islands, the weather and sea conditions are strongly influenced by the wind, in particular by its strength and direction.

Elba has more than 200 beaches and due to the particular conformation of the coasts, it is always possible to find a sheltered cove where you can spend a wonderful day at the beach.

On the Island of Elba, before choosing the beach for a specific day, it is advisable to check the direction from which the wind blows: in general, the rule says to choose a beach that is "leeward", that is to choose a beach on the coastal side opposite to the wind direction (Example: with a Scirocco wind coming from the South-East, it is better to choose a beach on the North side), in other words the perfect wind must blow from the ground towards the sea.

This "rule" implies that the best time to choose the daily destination on the sea is the morning itself, once the weather conditions have been checked, rather than the previous days; therefore live a little each day.
Hence the rule that the Elban people suggest to tourists: "Never choose the beach to go to the night before, but only when we leave to start the day at sea".

So, if once you find the sea water less clean, a stronger current or you come across some jellyfish, it is probably because you have chosen the "wrong" coastal side.

By following the "rule" of the winds instead, you will be sure to find crystal clear water!

At this point, a question that will arise spontaneously is: "but I, who do not live by the sea and do not know the winds, how do I know from which direction the wind blows every day of my vacation?"

The answer is simple: you can use Elba Spiagge, (Elba beaches) a free app that can be easily downloaded to your mobile phone, iPhone or Smartphone, or use, a reference site for sailors from all over the world.

On the Elba Beaches App, just click on "Search" and immediately after on "Optimal Weather" and the app will automatically show you all the "leeward" beaches for that day.

On the website instead, you will have to indicate on "Search" the place where you are, for example "Marina di Campo", and the site will show you the weather forecast, including the direction and intensity of the wind, the height of the waves, throughout the week.

As already mentioned, looking at the forecast only at the beginning of the week may not be enough since the weather on an island can change even in a few hours. It is therefore advisable to do it in the morning before leaving.

Considering all this, let's come to the most beautiful beaches in the area!!

Fetovaia => Optimal winds: Grecale (NE), Tramontana (N) Maestrale (NW), Ponente (W), Libeccio (SW), Mezzogiorno (S)
Unfavorable winds: Ostro (S), Scirocco (SE), Levante (E)
Cavoli, Seccheto, (and the others) => Optimal winds: Levante(E), Grecale (NE), Tramontana (N), Maestrale (NW), Ponente (W)
Unfavorable winds: Libeccio (SW), Ostro (S), Scirocco (SE)