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The beach of Fetovaia

The beach of Fetovaia is one of the most beautiful and famous on the Island of Elba (according to Skyscanner, it is among the most beautiful beaches in Italy). 200 meters long, partly free and partly equipped with bathing establishments, it is undoubtedly one of the most evocative beaches of the Island of Elba: its colors are inimitable, the transparency of the water and the color contrasts between the blue sea, sometimes turquoise, and the sand of granite origin, fine and white, are a real feast for the eyes!

The seabed that remains low for many meters beyond the shore and the sheltered position of the beach make it very suitable for families with children and perfect for activities such as swimming or snorkeling.

The water is mainly calm and warm, thanks to the bay sheltered by the presence of a small promontory (Punta Fetovaia) dotted with gorse, holm oaks and tall bushes typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

The beach of Fetovaia is to be preferred as a destination for the days of mistral, but it remains sheltered from almost all winds: the winds from the east or south-east, Levante and Scirocco, are the only ones that disturb the calm and transparency of the water of the bay.

Thanks to the buoys located three hundred meters from the shore, which cannot be crossed by motor boats, the entire inlet is available to bathers. On the left of the beach, after the small and characteristic hauling for boats, we find a pine forest, the limit of which creates a small strip of shadow on the bottom of the beach. Beyond the pine forest, you pass from the fine sand to a series of smooth granite slabs, recommended for sunbathing or for a dip in the blue sea for those seeking greater tranquility.

You can park in the small free parking lot or in the nearby paid parking lots, which are located along the descent to the sea (in high season € 18 for the whole day and € 11 for half a day). Due to its beauty, Fetovaia is one of the most famous beaches on the island and for this reason it is often crowded; it is therefore advisable to go to the beach in the low season, while in the high season such as July and August, it is preferable to arrive early in the morning.


The origin of the name "Fetovaia", testified from the sixteenth century, is still under discussion today: one of the most accredited theses, affirms that the name comes from terra fetuaria, that is "fertile land". For the more romantics, in fact, it is said that Fetovaia owes its name to the fact that the inlet was in the past the favorite destination of dolphins about to give birth: the shallow water and the particularly mild water temperature represented the ideal place for newborn babies.

How to reach Fetovaia:

The beach of Fetovaia is located 10 km from Marina di Campo and can be reached by public transport (ATL line Marina di Campo - Pomonte) or by car continuing towards Cavoli-Seccheto-Fetovaia, along the provincial road. During the journey, on a road suspended between sky and sea, stop and admire the panoramic spectacle offered by the "Costa del Sole". The Costa del Sole is the coastal stretch, at the southwestern end of the Island of Elba, which stretches between the municipalities of Marciana and Campo nell'Elba, framed by the villages of Colle d'Orano and Cavoli, and is dominated by the bulk of Monte Capanne.

To reach the beach of Fetovaia from Portoferraio, head towards Marina di Campo, following the road signs that are well present from the port. Alternatively, it is possible to reach Fetovaia also by following the western ring. Once in Procchio, instead of turning right for Campo nell'Elba, proceed straight towards Marciana Marina following the road that runs alongside Marciana and follows for Patresi, Chiessi and then Pomonte until you reach your destination. This second route is longer, but if you are not in a hurry, it will give you unique views of the coves and ravines of the coast.

Whatever your choice of how to reach it, treat yourself to some shots, on the way and also on the way back, perhaps at sunset, when the sky turns from pink to fiery red. Your souvenir photos will be the envy of friends and relatives.

Services in Fetovaia:

Bathing establishments, sunbed and umbrella rental, canoe rental, landing lane, small free public parking, private pay parking. Among the services offered by the bathing establishments we also find a bar-ice cream parlor, a self-service restaurant and a small but well-stocked bazaar with newsstand and tobacconist service. The range of services available is completed by a multipurpose tennis/soccer field, a small play area for children and a relaxation area, which is very suitable for giving the little ones a respite from the heat of the beach, perhaps right at the moment of an afternoon nap.

Furthermore, just 1.5 km from the beach of Fetovaia, the small and characteristic hamlet of Seccheto offers a minimarket, grocery, peddler fish market, pharmacy, bazaar and diving center.

Below you can find all the necessary references for the establishments on the beach of Fetovaia:
- Bagni Barabatoja: bathing establishment with rental of sun beds and umbrellas, pedal boats, cabins, bar/restaurant, parking. (Tel. 335 5688611)
- Bagni Pino Solitario: bathing establishment with rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, pedal boats, Sup, bar/restaurant, tennis/soccer field, small bazaar, parking. (Tel. 0565 988037)
- Pantarei Beach: with sun lounger and umbrella rental, 2 rescue dogs. ((Tel. 340 5769470)