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The Island of Elba

The Island of Elba, about 10 km from the Italian mainland, is one of the most pristine, green and beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It is the third island in Italy (after Sicily and Sardinia), with its surface of 224 sq km. The lush vegetation of the Island of Elba is due to the pure air and mild climate.

The scenery changes continuously, enchanting the eye of the beholder: 150 km of coastline that stand out on the perimeter of the Island of Elba, changing colors and shapes along the way, with steep cliffs and romantic bays, with wide sandy or pebbly beaches that pass from the bright mineral of the coast in the Rio Marina area, to white with small black spots, unique in the world of the Portoferraio coast.

The crystal clear water invites you to practice all kinds of water sports: sailing, windsurfing, swimming and diving.

In the mountainous hinterland, Monte Capanne (1019 meters above sea level), the highest point on Elba, offers you an ideal place for walking, trekking and mountain biking. It can be reached either on foot or by cable car.

Elba is famous not only for its beauty but also for the hospitality and traditions of its inhabitants, for the white and red wines and the sweet Aleatico wine, for the excellent traditional cuisine, made up of fish specialties, seafood and crustaceans, but not only! In fact, in restaurants and agritourisms, you can also find meat, lots of vegetables and fresh fruit, all often zero km food.

The Island of Elba is not just sea or restaurants, there are also a large number of recreational activities, such as cycling, trekking, canoeing, quad, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sup, live music, exhibitions, cultural events, ancient historical ruins and sites of cultural interest.

One of these is the Volterraio castle, which is the oldest fortification in the whole of Elba Island, which thanks to its position watched over almost every point of the island. A watchful eye to protect the entire Elban territory, today a wonderful destination for those who love nature and history.

Absolutely not to be missed is a visit to the imposing Medici Fortresses, the first thing you will see when you arrive on the island: built starting in 1548 by Cosimo de 'Medici and which surround the entire ancient center of Portoferraio.
The Medici ramparts were, with the Forte Falcone, the Forte Stella and the Linguella, headquarters of soldiers and defensive works of Portoferraio. You can explore them through a path of about 500 meters, which winds between the imposing walls, with breathtaking views of the sea and the city.

There are also two Napoleonic villas; as is known, Napoleon stayed on the island between 1814-15, leaving many traces of his stay, coming to represent one of the highlights of the interesting history of Elba. The villas are situated in the municipality of Portoferraio and can also be visited. Both in very beautiful locations, one, the Villa di San Martino, in the countryside, surrounded by a lush park, and the other, the Palazzina dei Mulini, in the upper part of the historic center with a garden overlooking the sea from which Napoleon scanned the horizon and organized his escape and his return to France.

We haven't told you everything! All this is only part of the wonders of the Island of Elba: you will have an idea of what awaits you once you get off the ship, but now it's up to you to discover the rest and be enchanted!