Holiday apartments in Marina di Campo

Marina di Campo

Marina di Campo, on the slopes of the hills of Sant'Ilario and San Piero, is the most popular village on the entire Island of Elba.

Its history is quite recent: in fact it was born around 1600 when the raids of pirates begin to decrease and it develops mainly near the Watchtower of the port (the oldest building in the country) and the small church of San Gaetano located in an internal street near the port.

Today, Marina di Campo is the most requested village by families with small children and the favorite of young people who love nightlife, this is because the "Little Viareggio" (as it was nicknamed in the 50s when the first tourists landed in its spectacular bay) offers everything you are looking for in a beach holiday: a wide beach of fine sand, restaurants along the sea, a lively village full of bars and shops of all kinds.

A holiday on the Island of Elba starts right from Marina di Campo, thanks also to the fact that it is just a few kilometers from the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Tuscan Archipel, such as Cavoli and Fetovaia. It is also important to know that in Marina di Campo, in the nearby hamlet of La Pila, there is the only airport on the Island of Elba.

Staying in an apartment in Marina di Campo means having all the comforts that we might need in the very close vicinity.

What to do in Marina di Campo

One of the many fortunes of this village is that of hosting "Il Viottolo", a hiking center that organizes numerous activities, with the main aim of introducing the different sides of a truly unique island. What they offer is always beautiful and interesting: a trip with the "Il Viottolo" is something that cannot be missed during a holiday in Marina di Campo.

In addition to trekking, Marina di Campo also offers various excursions by sea where you will see the most beautiful coasts of the Island of Elba. It is not uncommon that during these boat trips you can witness the passage of cetaceans, such as dolphins and small whales, so do not limit yourself to sunbathing lying on the boat cushions: sharpen your eyes and be ready to catch the incredible surprises that are hidden in the sea of the Island of Elba!

Shopping in Marina di Campo has a completely different flavor: the shops are particularly beautiful, well stocked and placed in such a pleasant context that you cannot help but enter all the shops in the village.

Marina di Campo is also fortunate to have one of the largest sandy beaches on the Island of Elba: being so convenient and close to the town, it doesn't even tempt you to travel to get to know other beaches. However, if you want your holiday on the Island of Elba to be complete, it is almost a must to make a stop in Cavoli and Fetovaia, considered two of the most beautiful beaches of our island and just a few minutes drive from the village.

What to see in Marina di Campo

If you stay in an apartment in Marina di Campo in August do not miss the patronal feast in honor of San Gaetano (7 August), where live music, food and wine stands and spectacular midnight fireworks are the protagonists of one of the "hottest" moments of the Elban summer.

Elba's aquarium is a real attraction for children (but not only) and the people of Elba are particularly proud to host one of the most complete Mediterranean aquariums in Marina di Campo. The turtle "Charlie", the sharks, the starfish (and even the piranhas!) are waiting for you to spend a day different from the usual day at the beach.

Unmissable are the historical excursions such as the path that leads you to the Roman Columns, testimony to the importance of Elban granite in ancient times, or the walk that takes you to the megalithic circle of Monte Cocchero, a fascinating Elban "stonehenge" about fifty meters and which certainly represented a place of worship and prayer of the Neolithic.

There are two main churches in Marina di Campo that are worth a visit: The Church of San Gaetano, where a small museum of sacred art has been set up inside, showing sixteen canvases on the Life of Christ by the famous Elban painter Italo Bolano, and the Church of San Mamiliano, of pre-Romanesque age, which houses some bone relics of the Saint and a canvas depicting San Mamiliano di Montecristo killing the dragon.

Finally, the weekly market that takes place every Wednesday in the beautiful Piazza dei Granatieri is the perfect opportunity to make purchases of all kinds (from clothing to typical local products) at truly competitive prices.

Places/Bars in Marina di Campo

For lovers of Japanese dishes, we suggest an aperitif based on excellent sushi at the most modern and trendy restaurant in Marina di Campo (and perhaps even across Elba!) named the "Garden Beach". Truly a delightful place to spend a pleasant evening with original cocktails and live music.

The Paglicce Beach, directly on the beach of Marina di Campo, is the classic place that is suitable for both romantic dinners and aperitifs with friends. A bar-restaurant of a certain level that is appreciated for the quality of the service it offers and for those splendid sunsets over the sea that can be admired while sitting comfortably at the table.

El Pinpa Cocktail Lounge Bar is characterized by a particular South American atmosphere that makes it truly unique and very nice. A bar popular with people of the Island where local groups are often found singing live: the ideal place to spend a fun evening but also to meet the locals and to make you feel an integral part of the wonderful Island of Elba.

Another "must" in Marina di Campo is Giannino Live Music which is part of the historical haunts of our island. A nice and well presented summer club for nights always at the top. The singers are good and selected, the music is valid, a place of a certain "level" frequented by people of mixed age, but not by teenagers.

Events in Marina di Campo

The main events that take place every year in Marina di Campo are:
- The May festival (April 30 / May 1) is an ancient custom in which men, equipped with sax, guitar and accordion, enliven the streets of the town with their voices, singing serenades to young women still to be married.

- The patronal feast of San Gaetano (7 August) an event full of attractions that ends with fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

- The numerous Beach Parties organized by the Convio di Cavoli.

- The FLUO color music festival where every year the attractions change but the meaning is always the same: throwing the colors in the air to the cry of the vocalists and dancing all the dance and electro hits from the 90s to today. The party starts in the morning and lasts until late at night. The U.V. effect transforms everyone from colorful to fluorescent in a truly engaging show. However, it is essential to wear a white t-shirt.

- In the days of the summer solstice, Marina di Campo gives life to the White Night. It starts at 18.30 with delicious special drinks in the bars and restaurants of the center and from 22.00 in the squares and alleys of the town the music begins: from country to smooth, from Latin American to disco dance, from Italian songwriter music to opera. There is something for everyone!

- At the end of August thanks to the "Sbaracco" you can make excellent purchases at really good prices. Clothing, gift items, furnishing accessories, personal care items, typical products, optics, photo accessories, underwear, gadgets, souvenirs and more at discounted prices over 50%.

Sport and sporting events in Marina di Campo

Elba is suited for both water sports and land sports. There are numerous Diving in Marina di Campo that will be able to "baptize you" and equally numerous are the Renters that give you the opportunity to rent bicycles and take some of the most beautiful trails on the island. Trekking is also fashionable, thanks to the fact that everywhere it is possible to find finds of great historical value, not to mention the naturalistic context in which they are inserted.

Having said that, we would like to point out some of the most important sporting events on the Island of Elba organized in Marina di Campo: Elbaman Triathlon which takes place in September, when more than seven hundred athletes from different countries challenge each other with strokes, rides and strides. In addition to the Triathlon, it is also worth mentioning the Half-Ironman sports competition, more suitable for beginner athletes and for those no longer very young. Another famous sporting event is the Gran Fondo dell'Elba, a bicycle race that focuses on an articulated route along the western ring of the island.

The beaches near Marina di Campo

One of the main reasons why tourists adore Marina di Campo is the possibility of reaching its splendid beach of fine and golden sand in a few minutes on foot. For the gently sloping seabed and the numerous services it offers, the beach of Marina di Campo is particularly suitable for families with small children.
Find out more about the beach of Marina di Campo

In addition to the beach of Marina di Campo, in the vicinity there are numerous other beaches, more or less known.