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The beach of Seccheto

The beach of Seccheto is the ideal destination for those seeking tranquility along the magnificent Costa del Sole (Coast of the Sun), one of the most panoramic stretches of coast on the island of Elba: it is located just halfway between the famous beaches of Cavoli and Fetovaia, both distant about 2 km.

The beach of Seccheto is about 100 meters long: like most of the beaches in the western area of the island, it is covered with quartz grainy sand and offers a granite cliff on the southern side, with comfortable smooth rocks, ideal for those seeking tranquility.

The easy accessibility, the coarse sand beach and the services offered in the village behind the beach, make it suitable for children as well.

Thanks to the protection of Monte Capanne, the highest mountain on the island, Seccheto is well protected from northern winds and is therefore particularly suitable on days when winds blow from the north-west, the "tramontana"and the north-east wind.

Partly free and partly equipped with a small bathing establishment, the beach offers a perfect combination of relaxation and unspoiled nature.

Services in Seccheto

The beach offers many comforts: the rental of umbrellas and sunbeds in the small bathing establishment equipped with bar, toilets and showers; a boat rental service and, for diving lovers, even a diving center.
In the village of Seccheto there are also a post office, an ATM, bars, restaurants, grocery stores and a small public car park.
On the right side of the beach, there is a recess for boats and a small boat hauling accessible by car.

La Baracchina: Bathing establishment with sun lounger & umbrella rental, bar.. (tel. +39 393 8833465)

How to reach the beach of Seccheto:

Access to the Seccheto beach is very convenient, being located close to the small village and just a few kilometers from Marina di Campo.

It is easily reachable by car, but it is advisable to park on the open spaces along the provincial road and reach the beach on foot, as there are not many parking possibilities.Furthermore, during the summer season, the island's transport service offers several buses and shuttles to reach the beaches of the island.

Le Piscine and Le Calle

On the right of the Seccheto beach, there are flat granite cliffs that form natural pools, thanks to their characteristic shape and the sea water that fills them continuously.

The cliff, called Le Piscine and about 150 meters long, is located on the stretch of coast between Seccheto and Fetovaia: it is perfect for sunbathing and taking a refreshing bath and a bit of snorkeling when the heat is felt.

In fact, these cliffs are characterized by excellent exposure to the sun throughout the day and, by retaining the heat, they remain warm even in the low season.

Continuing towards Fetovaia, you will then find the rocks "delle Calle" also flat granite slabs. Far from the chaos, a little wild and not very visible from the road, Le Piscine and Le Calle are also known because they are frequented by naturists.

Sheltered from winds from north-east to north-west, they are a natural paradise characterized by magnificent colors and splendid transparent water.

How to reach Le Calle and Le Piscine:

Take the provincial road that from Marina di Campo leads to Fetovaia. Just over 1 km after Seccheto, there are some rest areas along the road, where you can leave your vehicle. From these, you will see the entrance to small paths, some tens of meters long, which descend to the sea.


The small village of Seccheto, a locality in the municipality of Campo nell'Elba, boasts a very ancient history: the numerous granite and ferrous material testimonies refer to distant populations and to the extraction and processing of granite, as in the other small villages on the western side of the Island of Elba. The origin of its name is uncertain, it is believed to derive from an ancient agricultural technique of drying typical of the area or from the Latin adjective "secatum" (cut), referring to the quarries in the area.